Peace at last: Fadda Dickson, Kwasi Aboagye, Ola Michael, others resolve Joyce Blessing and husband’s issues


Peace has finally prevailed between Gospel musician Joyce Blessing and her ex-husband/former manager Davejoy after months of misunderstandings.

The issues have now been resolved courtesy of Despite Media.

Since their break up, Joyce Blessing and Davejoy have been haggling over the business side of their relationship and just last week, the singer was in the studios of Peace FM crying that her social media handles had been taken away from her.

She said she nearly lost her new YouTube channel after copyright reports by Davejoy.

This morning, on Entertainment GH on Neat FM, Ola Michael, Kwasi Aboagye and Kwasi Ernest detailed how the meeting between the two parties went.

Kwasi Abogye explained that with the help of God everything was fine now and asked Joyce Blessing to calm down because she is a public figure.

He indicated that initially, they had only wanted to deal with the social media ownership issues but they had to wade into the marital aspect as well.

He praised DaveJoy for accepting to give most of the properties they built together to his ex-wife because of their children.

According to him, it was difficult for Dave to even see the children because of their issues but now it had been scheduled for him to see them on weekends.

Kwasi Aboagye said the problem with Joyce Blessing’s publicist, Julie Jay had also been solved explaining that they had to give her some money for the work she did for Joyce.

He gave credit to Fadda Dickson, who chaired the meeting, for making it possible for the problems to be resolved.

Watch the video below:


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