Perhaps, I’m a villager – Delay reveals reason for not doing liposuction


Deloris Frimpong Manso, better known as Delay has had her take on liposuction.

The radio and TV presenter in a recent interview has revealed that she will never go under the knife to enhance her body.

While this has become a norm among some celebs in the country, Delay claimed this is because of the hardened craze for superficiality.

“There’s this hardened craze for superficiality and that is why people will go under the knife to change their bodies. Since when did we get here? It is something I can never do. Well, perhaps I’m a villager because my focus and ambitions are not about what I wear. I am a very easy-going person. I’m a very grounded and simple person who doesn’t bother myself over frivolous things,” she said.

The drive time host on Wontumi radio blamed celebrities for influencing their followers negatively.

“When I wake up, I only think about my job and how to survive. I understand that some of our celebrities are part of this mess because they post pictures of their expensive lifestyles and vacations at places like Dubai.

“All these are putting pressure on young girls who are doing everything to have that kind of lifestyle and also flaunt them on social media.

“Where from all this? So now, the devil is also taking advantage of social media to use such people to the extent that, some young girls are forced to engage in shameful sexual acts in Dubai just to acquire the status and also flaunt designer wears among others. “Is this the kind of life we want?” she said.

She made this statement while speaking in an interview with Kojo Sebor on Pure FM’s Bar4Bar programme.


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