Popular comedian Ice Kenkey reported dead


The death is reported of COMEDIAN ICED KENKEY who was a popular entertainer alongside Nkomode and a host of others. The departed comedian formed part of the Legendary Key soap concert party.

It’s However unclear about what actually took away the life of this comedian. After the dissolution of Key soap concert party, the late comedian joined Kumawood to act some movies.

At a point in time he also became the music apprentice for Nana Kwame Ampadu.

Indeed Ghana has lost a great entertainer who brought joy and laughter into many Ghanaian households.

Due to his hardworking posture in the creative arts industry, the late comedian ICED Kenkey managed to tour some foreign countries especially in Europe with his talent.

We can only wish him a perfect rest with the Lord till we meet again. Ghanaians will forever miss the funny comedian ICED Kenkey. May God guide you in peace.


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