Poverty in Zimbabwe causes men to sell their toes for thousands of dollars


Reports from Zimbabwe show that massive poverty has hit the country and has made men sell their body parts for money.

According to sources, people in Zimbabwe are donating their toes in return for money as the living standard of the country keep deteriorating.

Although the report has not been officially confirmed, it was the first spread on social media by a netizen who hails from Nigeria prompting massive reactions online.

The big toes reportedly go for a cool $40,000 while the smaller ones at $20,000.

@Ayo_Goodluck__ – Dammit my guy. I’ve got two useless toes to sell. Where are the buyers ??

@Ola_bode42 – With this update wey I just get now no need to complain of Sapa again na to find way enter Zimbabwe, sell 2 small toes collect 16m come back Nigeria con dey live bigif any body ask me for money na to give am this update…
what a smart move😌

Ernest Kwasi – Please Kukua Adepa bring ur toe we need it for good money hurry up bring it before I come to the house myself

Jay Kriz – Pls how much is the whole leg 🦵🏼? Ask for me very urgent I will go and borrow the fare and sharp 😂😂 you get rid

Abdul Halik – Let us know when they are coming to Ghana  we are ready me and my friends have plenty of toes available


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