Promzy tags Reggie Rockstone as greedy and selfish and claimed to be originator of hiplife


Former member of music group VIP, Promzy has blasted Reggie Rockstone for claiming to be originator hiplife music.

Well, it appears Promzy is still not cool with Rockstone after the latter joined the group when the former left.

In a post sighted on his Facebook page, he said he and his former group member were doing rap music before Reggie Rockstone came.

According to him, they ruled and controlled the streets as well as stage movers and crowd shakers.

Promzy claimed Reggie is claiming ownership because of greed and selfishness.

Sharing a photo of his group members back then, he said the Indomie generation should do more research about pacesetters of hiplife music.

In the post he used the F-word and labeled Reggie and others as opportunists.

See the post below:


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