Prophet Badu Kobi blames his failed football prophecies on betting (WATCH VIDEO)


Head pastor of Glorious Wave Chapel International, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has reacted to his failed prophecy about football.

A few days ago, the man of God became a laughing stock on social media after he prophesy over the Copa America grand finale and the Euro 2020 final.

It can be recalled that he prophesy that Brazil would win the Copa America and the next day he claimed England would score Italy to win the Euros.

Both prophecies backfired as it went the other way round and he was trolled for giving false prophecy.

A week later, Prophet Badu Kobi has replied his critics and according to him, he would prophesy till he dies.

He indicated that he prophesied about South Africa and is happening now and again most of his prophecies are manifesting.

Prophet Kobi said every church member would have been successful if every prophecy comes to pass.

He blamed the failed prophecy on betting because people paced bet with it.

Watch him speak in the video below:


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