REVEALED: What Stonebwoy carries in his bag when he’s going to town (WATCH VIDEO)


Popular Ghanaian musician Livingston Etse Satekla, well known as Stonebwoy, has revealed what he carries in his bag anytime he is stepping out of his house.

In an interview with BBC News Africa, the Bhimnation boss disclosed he doesn’t step out without a photo of his family.

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He took out a photo of himself with his wife and two children and said “family is key, family first”.

Stonebwoy took out a photo of his late mother from the bag indicating that seeing his mother’s photo always inspires him.

Another thing he removed from the bag was a branded T shirt.

“I never go without my shirt, it has Stonebwoy written on there. I always have an extra shirt in my bag just in case I have to change up and represent. And this is my own made shirt, you know if it’s not customized, it’s not mine,” he said.

Surprisingly, Stonebwoy brought out salt from his bag and said “as a Ghanaian, I love to have my food, you know have some taste so I have salt in my bag.

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“Don’t be surprised salt is what I got in my bag. It has a lot of things. I’m a black African, a real African and it has to do with my ethnicity. There are a lot of things that are related to salt because we are the salt of the earth. When anything loses its taste then it lost it all so don’t lose that taste.”

Watch the video below:


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