SAD: Stella Aba Seal losses all her belongings to flood


Gospel musician Stella Aba Seal has lost her belongings to flooding.

The ace gospel musician narrated her sad story in an interview with Kofi Adoma Nwawani on KOFI TV.

According to her she was away from home for about 3 days and returned yesterday around 4pm only to find her rooms flooded.

She said she accidentally stepped in the water and got an electric shock so she called an electrician to disconnect the power.

She further explained that she had gotten some help in clearing the water from her rooms.

Stella Seal added that she had to find another place to sleep because everything in the room got wet.

When asked how the water got into the room she said didn’t really know but speculated it could be a leaking tap or rain.

The “Gye me taataa” singer said she gave thanks to God in everything because she had gone through worse and had survived.

Watch the video below


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