Shatta Wale apologizes to Wiyaala after he allegedly blocked her on stage in NYC


Self acclaimed dancehall king, Shatta Wale has apologized to Noella Wiyaala after he reportedly sabotaged her to pick up a citation in New York City.

It can be recalled that Wiyaala in a Facebook statement after he rejected to take the citation back stage indicated that she was told Shatta Wale and his team blocked her from taking the award on stage.

At about 8.15 pm Shatta wale’s performance was paused and Council Member Vanessa L. Gibson and Wiyaala went to the back of the stage for the presentation of the citations. Vanessa went forward to do the presentation whilst an unknown person advised Wiyaala to wait. The presentation was made to Shatta Wale”.

The statement released via Wiyaala’s Facebook page continued that “Vanessa then immediately vacated the stage without calling Wiyaala forward. Wiyaala was then told she could receive her award backstage out of sight of the audience. Wiyaala refused to accept the award under these circumstances and left Crotona Park for her hotel…..” a part of her former post read.

In a new development, Wiyaala has returned to Facebook to disclose that Shatta Wale has called her to apologize to her.

Shatta Wale, my big brother, personally got in contact with me and he explained things to me,” she said in a video shared on social media.

He [Shatta Wale] said he’s sorry that it has happened like that. He was not aware of what was happening. If he had known, I’m sure he would have done something about it. He said he’ll not in any way try to disrespect my craft because he also respects what I do and he sees me as a strong, artistic person with a beautiful craft that he likes and respects,” Wiyaala told her followers.

So I should let it go and I shouldn’t get angry with him because he never wishes me bad. He has always wished me well. So that is what my brother sent me. In fact, he even gave me heart emoji,” she added in the video below.


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