Shatta Wale once bribed the Police to detain me – Ex Doe reveals


Hiplife musician Ex Doe has asserted that people who have money and fame have the power to influence the authorities to treat others badly.

He said sometimes people make false accusations against others and bribe the police to make the charges stick.

In a conversation with TV3, Ex Doe revealed that he had been a victim saying Shatta Wale once bribed the police to detain him for a while.

“There was a time I had a problem with Shatta Wale and he went to report to the police that I wanted to beat him and kill him.

“When I got there I told them it was not true and it was just a misunderstanding but they never made me write my statement nor listened to me but rather detained me for couple of hours,” he said.

He disclosed that after detaining him for a while, the police took money from Shatta Wale to settle the matter privately.

According to Ex Doe, he loved Shatta Wale but that incident with the police had created some kind of misunderstanding between them.

Watch the video below:


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