SHOCKING VIDEO: Ghana Jesus and Salinko trade blows during live play


Ghanaian actor, Oboy Salinko and Mmebusem popularly known as Ghana has been engaged in a stage fight during a live show.

The two actors took part in a play by ‘Kumawood’ actors which was put together to highlight the death of Christ as Easter approaches.

Their attitude on the stage shocked fans as they brought their personal issues and emotions into the play.

The whole fight started after Salinko landed Ghana Jesus two heavy slaps as part of the actions in the play.

This instantly angered Ghana Jesus who quickly got onto his feet ans started to fight Salinko — apperently, they have had their issues prior to the show.

It had to take the intervention of some of the othet crew members to deal with the situation after they realised that the fight was real.

Watch the video below:


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