Stephanie Benson reveals what a true artiste needs


Controversial UK-based Ghanaian musician, Princess Akua Ohenewaa, popularly known as Stephanie Benson, has revealed what a true artiste needs.

Sharing her view through a post on Twitter, Stephanie, nicknamed the Queen of Jazz, declared that a true artiste does not need labels or titles.

According to her, all that a true artiste needs are just a stage and imagination.

“A True Artist needs no Labels No Titles, just a stage & imagination. It’s okay to enjoy an artist without The Label, ok to aspire to an artist with nothing to offer but Talent. An artist who shows wealth is lacking in what Money cannot buy Talent & love. Give ur adoration wisely,” she wrote.

Stephanie added: “Music is Music whatever the genre is. Don’t get caught up in differences. It’s the differences that define us.”

Stephanie Benson is noted for her thoughts on s3x and relationship related issues.

Recently, she warned young men sliding into her DM to stay off because she is a s3x freak.


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