Stonebwoy allegedly threatened to kill estate developer and go to prison (WATCH VIDEO)


Derrick Appiah who’s a real estate developer says Stonebwoy threatened to kill him.

This comes after he decided to do business with the musician’s wife and not with Stonebwoy directly.

According to him, he tried to transact business with Dr Louisa because the dancehall artiste refused to pay him his agent fee in a previous business.

He explained that Stonebwoy was suppose to pay him 5 per cent of his commission according to the terms of their arrangement but the ‘Higher’ hitmaker refused to honor his part of the deal.

“As part of the agreement, Stonebwoy was supposed to pay me 5% out of $440,000 as a commission but he refused to fulfill his part of the agreement by first reducing the agent fee from 5% to 2% which is $8,800,” he told Attractive Mustapha.

Instead of giving me the 2% $8800, he gave me $500 so I returned the money to him and asked him to pay my money in full because it was supposed to be 5% but for peace’s sake, I reluctantly agreed to take the 2%.

“Again, Stonebwoy decided to give me $500 instead of the 2% exactly and told me that if I don’t take the $500 he won’t give me any additional money.”

As a result of this, he said he was not going to deal with the artiste directly anymore.

“So, I replied that when they contacted me to search for a house for them to buy, I was initially dealing with his wife and not him, he then angrily told me that if I mention his wife’s name again it will be grave and prison.”

He also pointed out that he reported the incident to the East Legon Police station but he didn’t get any meaningful response. He disclosed in the interview that he “rented a house to him peacefully and afterward sold his current place of residence to him in 2019.”

Derrick told Mustapha that transacting business with artistes and celebrities to get houses and residential apartments has been a good venture for him.

However, he admitted that some of them are difficult to deal with. He indicated that he considers such characters normal because we are humans and we all have our bad sides.

Watch the video below:


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