stubborn son records father while [email protected] another woman to show it to his mother as evidence, but video [email protected] and Goes Viral -[VIDEO]


The atmosphere on the information superhighways,  thus, social media took a different turn after a wild footage hits the various platforms.

The said hard to believe video  went viral after hitting online, thereby attracted much attention and also generated endless conversation among users privy to it.

In more details, a Nineteen (19) year old Anagie Gamalu has recorded his mother’s new husband while in bed with another woman.

Anagie, according to the reports has been reporting to the mother about the infidelity on the part of her new man but the mother rejects.

One afternoon when the mother was off to the market, the man, Samuel Onwowola brought in another woman not knowing the son was resting in his room next to theirs.

The sound from the act woke up Anagie Gamalu.

He therefore recorded the act secretly and showed it to his mother after her return from the market as an evidence.


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