The existence of Gospel Music has saved many people from dying – Nacee reveals


Popular Ghanaian musician and producer, Nacee has revealed how Gospel music has saved many people.

He stated that many people would have died if not the existence of gospel music.

Nacee made this statement when speaking in an interview on Happy FM’s social and religious programme ‘Nsem Pii’.

He added that gospel musicians are like pastors because they mostly preach the word of God through their songs.

“Gospel music is just like a pastor preaching to you at church. Gospel musicians get inspiration from these preachings or from the Bible or someone’s story so if they record that in a song and it is played on this platform for instance, your audience will hear it and if one of them is suicidal, he could change his mind,” Nacee said.

He further called for support for Gospel musicians so that they can work very well to impact society and save more people.

“Gospel music has helped people to realize that there is God and that we must believe in Him. Gospel music has helped to bring families together, settle people’s differences and it has helped people in their religious life and with their connection to God,” Nacee further stated.


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