The system has failed us, every government adds their little bit to sink us further – Lydia Forson


Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson has commented on the poor structures in the country.

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According to her, Ghanaians have been failed by the system which keeps getting worse by the day.

She added that instead of successive governments to help make things easy for the citizens, they keep worsening the case.

Lydia Forson noted that even if you want to be a righteous person, walk the right path and work hard to survive, it would be as twice as hard in this country.

She emphasized that this has made people believe that it will take a miracle or magic to make it.

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Read the full post below:

If you’re trying to walk the right path, work hard and do all the right things to make a living and survive in Ghana it will be twice as hard!!

I hate how this country almost forces you compromise your standards to make it.

It’s almost like there’s no reward for doing things right?!!

No matter how righteous you want to believe you are, you will still slip an envelope or pay a little extra if you to get things done.

This is no way to live!

And you’re going to blame people for staying hours in church praying for a miracle, or people sending goats to the mallam because they want quick cash?!

For many people they’ve accepted that it will take a miracle or magic for them to make it.

The system has failed us, and it’s getting worse and worse by the day.

Every government comes to add their little bit to sink us further and further.

I’m so drained by it all.

You look into the future and you shudder at all the impossibilities.



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