TiC describes Obrafour as a lazy rapper despite making sensible songs


Popular Ghanaian rapper, Tic Tac, currently known as TiC, has made a shocking statement about Obrafour.

Despite the niche that Obrafour has carved for himself, TiC sees him as a lazy rapper.

He admitted that he [Obrafour] makes sensible songs but he is the laid back type.

“Tinny and Okomfour Kwadae were the guys who were telling stories in their music. But Obrafour was like doing all of that and taking his time and making some sense. That was amazing,” he told Mona Gucci in an interview on Kantanka TV.

TiC further stated: “At some point, I will listen to Obrafour and I tell my boss you know what, this guy he will rap timidly and you will still enjoy it. It’s like he is lazy but you will still enjoy it.”


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