VGMA board is incorrigible, vindictive and unfair with bully mentality – Artiste manager laments


Entertainment pundit, Enock Agyepong has spit venom at the current board members of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA).

In a post sighted on his Facebook wall, the artiste manager described the VGMA board as incorrigible, vindictive and unfair with a bully mentality.

According to him, it was unfair on the board’s part not to nominate Patience Nyarko’s ‘ Meye Onyame Dea’ song but nominate ‘Who Say God No Dey’ by Kofi Kakari and Kobby Psalm.

He noted that the board has bullied a lot of artistes especially those who criticize or speak against them.

Read the full post below:

Can we conclude that the VGMA board is an incorrigible, vindictive and Unfair Board with a Bully Mentality?

Let’s make it short.


For years a lot of artists have complained about the smilingly unfair nature of the VGMA board which they have always denied with bogus excuses and it’s sad that even today that they have very smart and intelligent competitors like 3Music they are still exhibiting those traits and this should tell you how incorrigible they are.


For 10years Guru had no idea why he was working that hard and not getting awards until he recently heard it for a horses own mouth with regards to the vindictive nature of the board. For them It’s always payback time when toes are stepped on.


Countless examples but let me dwell on a more recent one, you cannot tell me “Who say God no dey” by Kofi Kakari and Jejeli by Kobby Sam ft Sokay which I’m hearing for the first time deserves nominations and that “Me y3 Nyame dea” by Patience Nyarko does not especially for a populous award scheme.

The only conclusion is that Patience spoke against the VGMA so it’s payback time else there is absolutely No reasons that will make Sense.


For years they’ve bullied these musicians individually when they spoke against them because another musician will quickly go and occupy that space seeing it as his opportunity untill they did it to 2 of them and the 2 realized their antics and came together to say enough is enough. Even with that the board came to tell us to Rise above the 2 artists but even them as a board couldn’t Rise above them.

They realized they still needed their features with other Acts so they quickly came to lift the ban in other to have access to the features and like I said it was not lifted necessarily to get the 2 Artists on board and indeed the final list of nominations without their names shows even though the PRO kept on lying oh telling us they’re in talks with them.

Kanye West won a Grammys even after pissing on the same award just because he DESERVED it so what’s all this vindictiveness & Intolerance by our All Mighty Holy & Most High VGMAs.

Let’s just accept it that VGMA is a Private organization just using the name Ghana to maximize its reach and that it’s simply not an award scheme representing the Ghanaian Industry especially when our 2 biggest brands with the biggest songs are excluded.

By the way which people or who represents the Gospel genre on the Board if I may ask our Hon.

Dan Lartey

so we can congratulate them.

And how come Yaw Sarpong never got any nominations after all the hard work he did last year? Very Shocking herh



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