VIDEO: Actress Joyce Boakye shares video of herself ‘poopooing’ on a plane, claims her phone got missing


Kumawood actress, Joyce Boakye has shocked her followers on Instagram

She has posted a video of herself while she was in the toilet on board of an airplane.

In the video, Joyce was seen sitting on the closet and easing herself while videoing herself in the act.

She deleted the video a minutes after posting it.

When Instagram blogger Mari Gyataa posted the video on her page, Joyce Boakye commented that she doesn’t know what happened to get her video leaked out there.

According to her, her phone got missing and she will not kill herself for this.

After sharing the ‘stupid’ video on her own Instagram page, she claimed Ghanaians love to share stupid stuffs than to promote people’s business.

Watch the video below:


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