VIDEO: Annie-Sophie finally meets Kuami Eugene, learns some wild dance moves from the musician


French Ambassador to Ghana, Anne-Sophie Avé has expressed her excitement after meeting Ghanaian musician Kuami Eugene.

A few days a ago Anne Sophie posted on her social media pages that she has done everything in Ghana except to meet Kuami Eugene.

Her request to meet the ‘Confusion’ singer came after Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensah got the opportunity to meet rapper Sarkodie when they complained about meeting Sarkodie.

Asking if it would work for her, Kuami Eugene in response said “it’d be an honour to meet you. Let’s make it happen.

Well, the meeting has finally taken place and it appears both parties had a lot of fun.

In a video sighted by, Kuami Eugene was seen teaching Annie-Sophie some dance moves.

After that, they were seen seated and having a conversation over a lot of things.

Watch the video of the fun moment below:


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