VIDEO: Bride whose husband left her to grind his ex girlfriend’s backside react after the video went viral


Over the weekend, a video of a groom grinding the backside of his ex girlfriend during their wedding reception went viral.

In the video, the bride was spotted looking on while his newly wedded husband grinds the backside of his girlfriend on the dance floor.

The video has received many reactions by netizens after it circulated on social media.

However, the bride has reacted after they became topic for discussion on many platforms.

In the new video sighted by, the unknown bride was seen taking a walk with her husband on the street.

She jokingly questioned her husband why he left her at the time and he responded he went to grind another girl.

They laughed over it and the bribe stated that “mona mo bl3, y3 na yeni agye”, literally means those commenting about the video are suffering while they are happy.

Watch the video below:


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