VIDEO: Civilian beats military men on the street in an attempt to retrieve stolen phone


A uniformed military man has been spotted being beaten by a civilian on the street.

The issue is reported to have happened in Sunyani in the Bono Region of Ghana.

According to reports, a friend of the military man called him to help retrieve astolen phone from a guy known as Schwarzo who they believed stole the phone.

Reporting the incident to, Manuel, who is a radio presenter at Cheers FM in Sunyani said the military men were two but the other one ran away to bring in more reinforcement.

In the video, Schwarzo, after being confronted to produce the stolen phone started beating the two military men.

He was seen using a stick to whip one of the unidentified military men and even took his camouflage while onlookers watched.

Watch the video below:


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