VIDEO: I have dated 7 men all my life, s3x is my appetizer, – Adu Safowaa shares bedroom tips


Entrepreneur cum actress, Adu Safowaa has talked about her s3x life.

In a conversation with Dr Ray on, she s3x has always been her appetizer.

According to her, after a hard day’s work, one thing that calms her nerves is s3x.

The CEO of the just ended African Top Entrepreneurship Awards (ATEA) explained that it is very annoying when men cum early during s3x.

She indicated that about 80 per cent of Ghanaian men release early during s3x.

Adu Safowaa used the opportunity to advise men to seek for medication to treat the sickness.

She emphasized that she has dated 7 guys, two of them are sugar daddies and the remaining 5 were single.

Safowaa noted that none of them they all last longer in bed but only one had short d!ck.

Watch the video below:


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