VIDEO: Kofi Adoma weeps on live TV after watching how group of people inserted stick into anus of 16 year old suspected thief


Radio and TV personality, Kofi Adoma Nwawani has wept on TV following group of people in Asante Akyem agogo’s action towards a 16 year old suspected thief.

According to sources, they inserted a stick into his anus for allegedly stealing from their shop.

One of the guy’s stood on the boy who was laying on the ground while a grown up man believed to be in his mid 60’s inserted the long stick in his anus.

 The unidentified boy was heard screaming and calling for help when the notorious act was ongoing.

Reacting to the story, Kofi Adoma became teary while reading the news on Angel FM/TV on Monday evening.

He said everyone has been a bad boy before but that is not how one should be treated.

Report says the group of people involved in the act have been arrested and remanded by Agogo Circuit Court.

Watch the video below:


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