VIDEO: Moment Tracey Boakye ordered one of her bridesmaids to pull down her dress to stop showing her husband too much skin


Tracey Boakye and husband’s wedding became topic for discussion some weeks ago.

There are some things that happened at the ceremony which were captured on camera unaware.

In a video which has gone viral, the actress was spotted warning one of her bridesmaid to pull down her dress to stop showing her husband too much skin.

According to netizens, Tracey Boakye feels insecure about her husband and that’s why she quickly pointed at one bridesmaid whose dress had somehow gone a bit too much up her thigh and berated her, asking her to pull it down.

You may recall that rumours surrounding Tracey Boakye’s marriage are plentiful, from her using her ‘Papa No’ money to pay for the marriage and allegedly being kicked out of her East Legon mansion by the same ‘Papa No’.

One rumour that surfaced during the wedding also claimed that he used to date one of Tracey Boakye’s bridesmaids!

If that were the case, you would understand why Tracey will be so quick to shut down any attempt to s*duce her man!


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