VIDEO: My born 2 Date Rush partner likes too much clubbing and receives calls from men only – Fareed complains


TV3 Date Rush participant, Fareed Idriss has expressed dissatisfaction over his partner’s attitude.

In the just ended season of Date Rush on TV3, Fareed got a date with Eunice after he was chosen by her.

In a recent interview with, Fareed told Dr Ray that Eunice likes too much clubbing.

He explained that after he allowed her to move in with him to his place to study each other well, she always say they should go out for clubbing.

Fareed indicated that Eunice has two children so he advised her to reduce the outing and see how they can take care of the children but she didn’t pay heed to the advice.

He noted that Eunice can even go to the club alone and come home in the morning.

Fareed who is also an actor disclosed that anytime both of them tried to spend some quality time together, Eunice would get a number of calls from men as she refused to answer when he is around.

Watch the video below:


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