VIDEO: No artiste performs song they released 10 years ago, it’s annoying to hear them – E.L


Ghanaian rapper, Elorm Adabla popularly known as E.L has sent a word to caution to his fans.

According to him, he is not interested in his old songs again.

The ‘Obuumo’ rappers explained that those songs are not meaningful to him again.

As such, he cautioned his fans not to expect to see him perform his old songs eg, Kaalu, Obuumo, 1 Ghana, Aunty Marha etc.

E.L noted that he’s a matured and grown artist now and does different music now.

He added that those who understand his music will come to his concert.

In another video, he indicated that it’s annoying to him when he hear people talking to him about his old songs.

E.L disclosed that it means those people have not done any research about him.

He emphasized that no artiste performs the songs they released 10 years ago.

Watch the video below:


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