VIDEO: Physically challenged man sadly recounts how his mother made him wash his cloths with deformed hands


Physically challenged young man identified as Sintim Christian Annor has shared a heart wrenching story about his life.

Christian who appears to have only one hand claimed his mother made him wash his white socks in his situation.

Speaking in an interview with Dr Ray of, he indicated that this happened when he was a child.

According to him, he went to play football with his friends when he was in the primary school but the mistake he did was to remove his footwear and play the game with his white socks.

When he returned home that afternoon from school, his mother got furious seeing his white socks turned into brown and asked him to wash it by himself.

Christian went on to say that his mother threatened to beat him severely if he refused to make the socks white again.

He noted that though people around begged on his behalf but his mother did not pay attention to them and made him wash the socks with his deformed hands.

Christian Sintim Annor added that he thought his mother was being wicked to him but that strengthened him to do things people with complete hands could do.

Watch the sad video  


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