VIDEO: Radio Presenter sacks KiDi from the studio for reporting late for interview


A video available to indicates that the host of the mid-morning show on Accra FM, Nana Romeo sacked Highlife musician KiDi from the studio for reporting late for an interview.

Nana Romeo, who was furious at the musician’s delay, asked his camera man to put the camera on so he could speak his mind, said KiDi was fond of doing that.

He explained that what happened on Thursday wasn’t the first time the musician had done that and gave an instance where KiDi had to come for an interview on the same platform but arrived late for no reason.

He further asked KiDi what his radio station or his program had done to him to make him always arrive late there but he was always on time on other networks.

KiDi on the other hand felt attacked and disrespected. He then apologized to the host and listeners and walked out of the studio.
Watch the video below


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