VIDEO: Upcoming actress reveals how popular movie director denied her a role after she rejected his proposal to ‘eat’ her ‘trumu’


Upcoming actress, Delali Mizpah has given account of how a movie director took her role from her after she rejected her proposal to take her from the back.

Speaking in an interview with Dr Ray of, Delali revealed that the popular movie director called her to meet him over discussion about her role in the movie.

Upon getting there, the movie director who she met at a movie house in Accra wanted to sleep her.

After disagreeing to sleep with him, he said he will not take her through the ‘vjayjay’ but rather from the ‘trumu’.

Delali said she did not accept to do it so the director sacked her and told her not to come to the set because she won’t get the minor role.

Watch the video below:


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