VIDEO: Woman narrates how her boyfriend tried to kill her, plans naked demonstration against men over killing of women


It appears the continuous killing of women in the country has become a worry for some women and they seem to be living in fear.

Grace Afaribea, a citizen in Ghana has threatened to embark on a naked demonstration over the recent killing of women.

While speaking in an interview with Dr Ray of, Grace claimed she has mobilized other ladies together with her to go the demonstration.

According to her, the rate at which men are killing their wives and girlfriends in the country is on the high.

She shared her experience of how his former boyfriend wanted to kill her for money rituals when he visited him in his house some time ago.

Grace indicated that they have written a letter to the police to embark on the naked demonstration and are just waiting for approval from the police.

Ms Afaribea emphasized that if they do not hear from the police, they will take the law into their own hands and go for the demonstration.

Watch her speak in the video below:


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