VIDEO: Woman reveals how white men are chopping the ‘trumu’ of Ghanaian men to obtain papers


A Germany based Ghanaian woman has revealed how some Ghanaian men have been turned into seks toys for the white men.

Speaking in an interview, she claimed acquiring papers to get a job and salary has become a headache for some Ghanaian men in Germany.

She narrated how the men are struggling to get valid documentations in Europe because they enter into bad contracts with people to use their documents.

 According to the woman, they work with their strength, and when the salary is deposited into the accounts of the person whose documents they are using to work, these people sit on the money.

She gave an example of how the person whose documents she was using to work decided to keep £1000 of her salary while only paying her £200.

Another shocking revelation is how some men marry white men in order to obtain legal documents that allow them to stay and work in Europe.

check the video below:


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