Vivian Jill Opens up on why she refused to kiss Sumsum Ahoofe on set (+VIDEO)


Kumawood actress Vivian Jill Lawrence has explained why she declined to kiss Sumsum Ahoofe during a movie shoot.

Explaining the issue in an interview with Nana Romeo on Accra FM yesterday, the actress said the incident happened when she was new in the movie industry so she didn’t know Sumsum Ahoofe.

She said she had been in her role when they told her the person she was supposed to act with at the time had arrived.

According to her, when she came in and saw Sumsum Ahoofe and some diminutive people she was scared and that’s the reason why she refused to kiss him.

Vivian Jill disclosed that now she would kiss Sumsum Ahoofe anytime the need arises.

Watch the video:


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