Waakye owes transportation and hospital bills – caretaker reveals


The caretaker of Ghanaian actor, Prince Yawson popularly known as Waakye has revealed that he is going through some very difficult times.

Speaking in an interview with Michael Ola on Neat FM’s Entertainment GH, the caretaker said Waakye has racked up hospital and transport bills which he has been unable to pay.

According to her, some officials of the New Patriotic Party which Waakye campaigned for in the 2016 elections had pledged to help him but they were yet to fulfill that promise.

The caretaker said everything in Ghana had become about money and pleaded with the general public to come to Waakye’s aid.

She added that Waakye’s car is an old one and pleaded with government to give him a new car.

Waakye suffered a heart attack four years ago and has never recovered.


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