Ways to swerve E-Levy payment on Momo revealed (WATCH VIDEO)


Some Ghanaians have come up with strategies to dodge the payment of E-Levy which was passed into law recently in Parliament.

Media giant, Metro TV went to town to ask people about how they’ll go about their mobile money with the introduction of E-Levy.

Someone said to avoid E-Levy payment, he will not send the money to the person directly on his phone.

According to him, he will rather allow cashout from his phone and the person on the receiving end will collect the money from the Momo agent.

Example, if you’re in Madina and want to send money to someone in Nsawam, the person in Nsawam will go to the nearest Momo agent pretending to withdraw money from his phone.

But instead of giving his number to the Momo agent, he will rather give the person in Madina’s number to the agent.

Meaning, the person in Madina will allow cashout of the agreed amount for the one in Nsawam to take it from the Momo vendor.

Another man who spoke to Metro TV indicated that he will go to the bus station and find a trusted person to give the money to him to send it to his people in the village.

Watch the video below:


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