“We cannot use tax payer’s money to fund Juliet Asante’s Film Festival” – George Quaye writes


Radio and TV personality, George Quaye has shared his piece of mind over the new name given to the Ghana Film Industry.

The CEO of Ghana Film Authority (NFA), Juliet Asante has received a lot of backlash after making sure Ghana’s film industry would be called Black Stars Films.

Some believe she intentionally did that to promote her film festival dubbed Black Stars International Film Festival (BSIFF).

One of the people who side with these people is George Quaye.

Sharing his sentiments about the issue in a Facebook post he indicated that “we cannot use tax payer’s money to fund the CEO of BSIFF.

In a long write up, George Quaye said if the CEO of Golden Movie Awards becomes the boss at NFA, she may also change the name of the Film Industry to Golden Movies which he believes is not right.

 He wrote:



moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an activity.

I woke up this morning to news that our film industry has been named after an awards festival owned by the CEO of the Ghana Film Authority, Juliet Yaa Asantewa Asante!

In 2015, Juliet Asante established the Black Star International film festival as a PRIVATE NON PROFIT festival designed to bridge the gap between African movie cinema and the global community of movie makers and focuses on the business aspect of film making.

When the NFA announced the search for a name for an industry that’s already legally and constitutionally recognized and referred to as the Ghana Film Industry in all official documents, many in the industry questioned the motive.

Indeed some even went ahead to allege that it was a ploy to waste the tax payers money on an activity solely structured to “yield” or “abdicate” the industry and its fortunes to a single individual.

Juliet and her team argue that the choice of “Black Star Films” was made by the people and endorsed by a committee that had “industry greats” like David Dontoh, Abeiku Sagoe and chaired by Prof. Audrey Gadzekpo. Fair enough. So here’s my question.

Which people did the voting?

Does Juliet understand the concepts of “Ethics” and “Conflicts of Interest”?

As CEO of the NFA knowing very well you have a film festival called the BSIFF, wouldn’t it have been ethical to ensure that name was kept out of the list?

Didn’t Juliet, for the love of the industry see it as an item that creates a conflict situation considering her position?

Or could it be that this has always been the plan as asserted by some industry players? A solid screenplay creatively scripted and produced by Juliet and her “friends” to ensure that the Black Star Int Film Festival becomes A NATIONAL ASSET owned by one individual?

So that going forward the BSIF becomes a National Event funded by the State because really, if our Film industry is called Black Star Films, what would be the best name for a festival that celebrates this industry? Master stroke! Well played Juliet!

So we spend the tax payers money to organize an event to change a name that NEVER needed changing in the first place just to give your personal Film Festival the widest wings to soar, right? Classic! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Only one flaw in your plot dear.

You failed to appreciate the fact that the industry isn’t full of idiots, push overs or airheads who CANNOT read between lines.

This is wrong! You know it and your co-potters know it too. I would usually not comment on such issues but this one, we must all rise and “fight” till the right thing is done! We cannot spend the tax payers money to fund Juliet Asante’s personal film festival.

What if Mimi of Golden Movie Awards becomes CEO of the NFA one day and also decides the name must change Golden Movies? Afterall, if the Black Star is relevant to our culture and history, so is the gold no? Why do we even do this to ourselves?


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