Woman who buried late husband with live snake tells her story (WATCH VIDEO)


Annabel, the woman who buried her late husband with live snake has finally spoken.

A few days ago a video of a lady putting live snake on the corpse of her dead husband to be buried along with it during tended on most social media platforms.

The issue is said to have happened in Aburi in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Speaking in an interview with Dr Ray on KwasiAboagyeLive.com, Annabel claims her late husband gave the snake to his 2 year old daughter so was no need to keep it if the father is dead.

According to her, her husband identified as David was a hunter and a rearer of animals (animal husbandry) including rearing of snakes.

She explained that David got bitten by a snake on the tongue which led to his death and that’s why she took the decision to bury the husband with one.

Annabel explained that the snake was removed from David’s coffin at the cemetery before he was buried.

Watch the sad narration of her story below:


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