You won’t believe the type of songs Kwaw Kese wants to churn out – read what he said


Kwaw Kese is ready to take us on a new ride!

The Ghanaian rapper has revealed the type of songs that he is ready to churn out henceforth.

Known for certain antics that wheeled his craziness brand—abodam! Kwaw Kese has disclosed his readiness to compose songs that will touch the hearts of people.

According to him, the changes emanated from who he has grown to be.

“The whole album is called Victory. The song is not gospel but motivational. I think I’ve grown from the crazy Kwaw to a more responsible Kwaw now so most of my songs are like songs that are going to touch hearts to more. It’s going to inspire people to show love,” he told MzGee in an interview on TV3.

Kwaw Kese added: “I can’t be like the Kwaw 15 years ago now. Now I have grown, I have kids, family and people who look up to me.”


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