“Your music career turned beans” – Sista Afia to Eno Barony


Ghanaian songstress Francisca Gawuga popularly known as Sista Afia has fired fellow musician Eno Barony.

In along write-up on her Facebook page, she said, “one female rapper I helped win her biggest award in her entire music career did a media tour and downplayed my effort, the whole industry came supporting her and she forgot what I started, helped her put her there”.

“Thing is, I wanted to warn her that all those praising her today won’t do when then hype dies, but since she felt she was there, she enjoyed the hype and acted ungrateful, today I can confidently say she and her music all turn beans, where’s that industry support today?” she asked.

Sista Afia made this statement while fighting award schemes in Ghana because she claimed awards in Ghana does not favor female musicians.

Though she did not mention any name in the above statement, digesting the issue on ‘Entertainment Review’ on Peace FM, the pundits claimed Sista Afia post was directed to Eno Barony.

Whitney Boakye-Mensah after reading the post said she believed that part of the write-up was directed to Eno Barony.


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